There's a whole magazine about painting created every day on the web.

Edited by artist Brett Baker, Painters' Table is a daily online magazine for artists, curators, collectors, and art goers specifically interested in painting. Featuring original reviews, artist interviews, and commentary, Painters' Table also highlights online writing about painting from around the web as it is published. Providing an archive of summaries and links to over 5000 articles, reviews, and artist interviews, Painters' Table serves as a platform for exploring blogs that focus primarily on the subject of painting.

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We haven't found every painting blog out there - far from it. Know about a great painting blog or a website we aren’t featuring? Please let us know about it. We'll start following it on RSS.  You can follow Painters' Table as well via RSS, Twitter, or Facebook.

The Painters' Table Mission

Conceived as a site to expose readers to a wide range of blogs and publications that post about painting online, Painters’ Table is unique in the arts publishing space - featuring artist blogs on equal footing with articles by established publications. The Painters’ Table website was designed specifically to generate larger readership for artists who include blogging in their studio practice. Part journalism (both reportage and diaristic) and part artist statement, artist blogs can provide valuable context for an artist’s work.  Painters' Table provides an entry point for exploring artist blogs and more importantly the work that inspires them.

Painters' Table has sent more than 1 million visits to artist blogs and art websites since November 2010. (source: Google Analytics)


Editor: Brett Baker
Copy Editor: Heather King