The Blogroll is here...

The Blogroll is here.  It took some time but this morning the Painters' Table blogroll was officially published.  We hope over time the blogroll will grow into a resource for anyone interested in painting.

What is a blogroll? 

Blogrolls are simply links to sites of potential interest to website visitors. The Painters' Table Blogroll is a growing list of Artist Blogs, Art Writer/Critic blogs, Art Websites and News Media that publish frequent posts and articles about painting. Browsing the blogroll is a great way to find new sites and view posts featured on Painters' Table.

What's different about the Painters' Table blogroll?

Rather than a simple list of links to other sites the Painters' Table blog roll is categorized (more categories on the way) and each blog or site has a page where you can find posts from that blog featured on this site.  You will also find a direct link to the blog.  If known we have tried to list blog authors as well.

I know a great painting blog and I don't see it listed.

The Blogroll is a living list of blogs and sites and it is far from complete. A new blog or site is normally added when Painters' Table features a post from it. Blogs, sites and new categories will be added frequently so check back often.  As always you can submit a blog using the form at the top of any page.  Painters' Table follows submitted blogs via RSS.

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