Brenda Goodman: Interview

Brenda Goodman, Not a Leg to Stand On, 72 x 80, oil on wood, 2013 (courtesy of t
Brenda Goodman, Not a Leg to Stand On, 72 x 80, oil on wood, 2013 (courtesy of the artist)

Ashley Garrett interviews painter Brenda Goodman about her work and career. Goodman's recent paintings are on view at Life on Mars Gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn, through April 19, 2015.

Goodman remarks: "I don’t get in front of a painting and think I’m going to be open or I’m going to be vulnerable or I’m going to be light or I’m going to be pretty or I’m going to be sad, it’s so who I am to the core. What I don’t like about work is when I look at it and there’s a wall between me and it. And that’s what happens when I do the intensives with people who have creative blocks, that wall is going to disappear the wall between the painter and the viewer. Everyone comes from a different place and there’s great things in the different ways people work. But I can always spot when someone has this wall. I strive in my work to have no wall between my painting and the person looking at it. You should want to be seen! I mean, what’s the point, what’s the wall for? Who are you? Be vulnerable! When people see my work it feels real to them, it’s not bullshit, it’s from the heart, there’s no barrier between me and them. When you meet me, who I am is what you get. I don’t have that kind of facade."