Katharina Grosse: In Conversation

Installation View: Katharina Grosse: Wunderblock at the Nasher Sculpture Center
Installation View: Katharina Grosse, Wunderblock 2013 at the Nasher Sculpture Center (photo: Kevin Todora, courtesy Nasher Sculpture Center)

Casey Stranahan talks to painter Katharina Grosse on the occasion of the exhibition Katharina Grosse: Wunderblock at the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, on view through September 1, 2013.

In the interview introduction, Stranahan describes experiencing Grosse's work: "Walking down the stairs towards the Nasher’s small downstairs gallery, it was very clear that Grosse’s installation is anything but polite. The small gallery is filled with soil that had been sculpted into an uneven terrain, including a couple of canvases that came out of the earth and leaned against the building’s walls. Multicolored paint covered the ground and raced up across the canvases onto walls before dripping back down into the soil... As I very carefully picked my way over the uneven ground, my senses were literally on overdrive. Under my feet was the unusual sensation of the hardened dirt, and as I looked down to concentrate on where to step, my entire field of vision was taken over by the bold colors of this almost Martian terrain."