Julian Schnabel: In The Course of Seven Days

Julian Schnabel Outdoor Studio, Film Still, In the Course of Seven Days (Porfiri
Julian Schnabel, Outdoor Studio, Film Still, In the Course of Seven Days (Porfirio Munoz)

Video blog post featuring the short Julian Schnabel: In the Course of Seven Days by Porfirio Munoz. The exhibition Julian Schnabel: View of Dawn in the Tropics: Paintings, 1989-1990 is on view at Gagosian Gallery, New York, through May 31, 2014.

In the film Schnabel remarks: "I started to use different kinds of materials because I was looking for some kind of new way to paint... working with things that already exist affords you associations that are beyond your invention... I see opportunities everywhere as paintings, in images that already exist, in surfaces that will repsond to paint a certain way, or it might come from an accident... I realized a picture could be the architecture of a painting... so I would select thigns that already had pictures -images of things impregnated on them - and then I could treat them as a blank canvas... let them inform what I was doing and make me react to what was there and come out with a hybrid painting... it has a much to do with reacting rather than acting."