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Giorgio Morandi

Just Looking at Art Basel Miami Beach

Discovering tiny shows like these in the midst of the broader spectacle leaves the art fair visitor with a hopeful feeling.

Nancy Hagin on Giorgio Morandi
Painting Perceptions

Nancy Hagin considers the work of Giorgio Morandi. Hagin writes: “I marvel at [Morandi’s] various strategies. He loved to play games with the table’s back horizon line and the tops of the objects. He always placed the salmon shape exquisitely, sometimes sandwiching it tightly between forms. The dominant light brownish gray is beautiful. How did […]

Giorgio Morandi: Essence of Landscape
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff blogs images from a “a rare show in Alba, Italy of Giorgio Morandi’s Landscapes where some 70 landscape paintings were shown.”  In addition to the landscape paintings, Groff also includes an interesting image of Morandi’s view finder. Giorgio Morandi: The Essence of Landscape, curated by Maria Cristina Bandera was on view at the […]

Wayne Thiebaud on Morandi
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff posts a video of Wayne Thiebaud discussing his work and the work of Morandi.  In addition to revealing the direct influence of a Morandi painting on an early painting of sandwiches, Thiebaud discusses a variety of topics including caricature: "If you take something like caricature for instance, which is very much a central […]