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Pieter Bruegel the Elder

On Bruegel’s The Harvesters

Peasants and landscape. Of all Bruegel’s seasonal paintings, this one combines these two to greatest effect.

Lourdes Bernard on Pieter Bruegel
Painters on Paintings

Lourdes Bernard writes about Peter Bruegel’s Wine of St. Martin’s Feast Day (1566 – 1567).Bernard observes: “The painting’s unique composition is a departure from the other paintings by Bruegel. For example, in the Procession to Calvary, the landscape dominates the painting and acts as a container for the multiple dramas that unfold. In Wine of […]

Gregory Amenoff on Pieter Bruegel
Painters on Paintings

Gregory Amenoff considers the cycle of seasons paintings by Pieter Bruegel. Amenoff writes: “In his Seasons cycle, Bruegel lifts much from [Joachim] Patinir structurally and stylistically, but he does something radical and distinct from his predecessor by animating his figures only according to the reality of the seasonal condition in which they appear. The characters […]

Bruegel’s Islands of Consciousness
Rebecca Harp

Inspired by a visit to the Capodimonte Museum in Naples, Rebecca Harp muses on the paintings of Bruegel. Harp writes: ” I am not sure if there is anything quite like coming across a Bruegel painting when visiting a museum, being both very poignant and invigorating for the eye and mind at the same time. […]

Reimagining Bruegel
Huffington PostSpread ArtCulture

Kiša Lala interviews director Lech Majewski about his new film, The Mill and the Cross, where he seeks to recreate Bruegel’s paintings on film. Majewski notes that Bruegel “is a realist in looking at human conditions. He is a profound observer. I feel a lot of compassion in his paintings, a softening for Flanders and […]

Filming Bruegel
The Artblog

Andrea Kirsh reviews Lech Majewski’s The Mill and the Cross, a new biogrphical film about the artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Kirsh writes that “Majewski captures Bruegel’s truth that great events occur amidst the shapeless narrative of everyday life. Just as remarkable is the effect he creates of taking us into the actual space of […]

Venetian Red

Liz Hager reviews the novel Headlong by Michael Frayn, a “thoroughly engaging tale of the easily distracted and ethically challenged philosopher, who convinces himself that he has discovered a ‘lost’ Bruegel.”

Closer Look: Prado’s New Bruegel
New York Times

The Prado, home to so many masterpieces now houses one more “The Wine of St. Martin’s Day” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.  The painting has been in the Prado’s collection but was recently re-attributed.  The New York Times has a nice interactive feature where you can mouse over the painting to zoom in for a […]