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Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller & Andrew Forge
Art New England

Cat Balco reviews works by Ruth Miller and Andrew Forge at the Washington Art Association, Washington Depot, CT, on view through August 5, 2017. Balco writes: “Like Cézanne, Miller and Forge are not interested in description, but rather revelation: of something ineffable that can only be seen through engagement with the observed world. ‘You want […]

Margaret Grimes on Ruth Miller

Margaret Grimes writes about the paintings of Ruth Miller. Grimes observes: ” in Miller’s work, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The deliberate nostalgia of the still life objects – none manufactured later than the 1930’s – the autumnal harvest vegetables with their rich, dark colors or highly saturated ones, the […]

Ruth Miller Forge & Stuart Shils: In Conversation

Stuart Shils talks to Ruth Miller Forge about her paintings on the occasion of the recent exhibition Elisa Jensen & Ruth Miller: Place and Passage at the New York Studio School. Miller comments: “I’m not interested in describing the object. I’m interested in presence, the weight, the mass, relationships. It’s not about describing things. I […]

3 New York Shows
New York Sun Arts

Xico Greenwald reviews three New York painting shows: Place and Passage: Elisa Jensen & Ruth Miller at the New York Studio School (through April 5), Eleanor Ray: Paintings at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects (through April 20), Standing on Cardboard: Avital Burg at Slag Gallery (through April 3, 2014). Greenwald writes: “Jensen paints trendy figures […]

Ruth Miller’s Atmosphere of Thought
Powers of Observation

Painter Kim Sloane writes about the exhibition Ruth Miller: Recent Work at Lohin Geduld Gallery, New York, on view through November 12, 2011. Sloane writes that “The paintings display a mastery of color… and the ability to combine and structure pictures through both drawing and color… The elevation in Miller’s painting is achieved through this […]

Ruth Miller: Everything’s Gone Green

John Goodrich reviews the exhibition Ruth Miller: Recent Work at Lohin Geduld Gallery, on view through November 12, 2011. Goodrich begins: “It’s no surprise that over the decades, the painterly landscapes and still lifes of Ruth Miller… have gained many admirers. Her vivid hues and richly scumbled surfaces have an immediate appeal, but more impressive […]