Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud: Interview
Apollo Magazine

Martin Gayford interviews painter Wayne Thiebaud on the occasion of Thiebaud’s recent exhibiton at White Cube, London. Thiebaud remarks: “‘I’d been working in food, washing dishes. That was my environment. I remember seeing pies laid out, processed food that I’d worked on, so I started painting these triangles and turning them into pies. I thought, […]

Wayne Thiebaud: Painting & Memory

Vonn Sumner writes about the work of Wayne Thiebaud on the occasion of the exhibition Wayne Thiebaud: American Memories at the Laguna Art Museum, on view through June 1, 2014. Sumner observes: “The more traditional and honest Thiebaud tries to be, the more radical his work becomes. In this age of ever-shortening attention spans, he […]

Wayne Thiebaud @ Acquavella
New American Paintings Blog

Michael Klein reviews the exhibition Wayne Thiebaud: A Retrospective at Acquavella Galleries, New York, on view through November 30, 2012. Klein writes: “If Edward Hopper can be called the painter of the East coast certainly Wayne Thiebaud can be considered the painter of the West coast. What Thiebaud represents is post war America, what we’ve […]

Wayne Thiebaud on Morandi
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff posts a video of Wayne Thiebaud discussing his work and the work of Morandi.  In addition to revealing the direct influence of a Morandi painting on an early painting of sandwiches, Thiebaud discusses a variety of topics including caricature: "If you take something like caricature for instance, which is very much a central […]