Artist to Artist

Robert Birmelin: Interview
Painting Perceptions

An engaging conversation between painters Larry Groff and Robert Birmelin. Asked about how he “[leads] the viewer’s eye through your paintings in unexpected ways” and evoking “visual surprise,” Birmelin comments: “I’m interested in movement, in the transient moment of noticing. In the eye as it selectively focuses within a changing, often overloaded environment… I was […]

Gaby Collins-Fernandez: Studio Visit
Gorky's Granddaughter

Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy visit the studio of painter Gaby Collins-Fernandez. “For me the idea of having competing realms of visuality is really interesting. So, what is the spatial expectation of a painting? What is the spatial expectation of something which reads as something that lives in digital space? … What is the expectation for […]

Stephanie Pierce: Interview
The Studio Visit

John Mitchell interviews painter Stephanie Pierce whose exhibition Signal is on view at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York through March 4, 2018. Pierce comments: “My work is made by observing things in my immediate surroundings over long periods of time. After the surface is ready, I start looking everywhere for a way in, asking everything […]

Michael Stamm: Interview
Sound & Vision Podcast

Brian Alfred interviews painter Michael Stamm whose exhibition Mediation Inc. was recently on view at DC Moore Gallery, New York. Stamm remarks: “I feel very melancholic for the past and for things that I have lost, and for feelings that used to have … shape and that are gone. Painting for me is like trying to […]

John Mitchell: Studio Visit
cheap & plastique

Heather Morgan interviews painter John Mitchell. An exhibition of Mitchell’s paintings will open September 7, 2018 at Planthouse Gallery, New York. Mitchell comments: “My paintings are not photographic and they’re not perfect representations of the way something looks in real life. They rely on the organic process of seeing and my ability to make a […]

Alix Bailey: Interview
The Studio Visit

John Mitchell interviews painter Alix Bailey. An exhibition of recent paintings by Bailey is on view at The Painting Center, New York, through February 24, 2018. Bailey comments: “Right now I’m painting mostly larger longer-term paintings of the whole figure and I’m changing the way that I work. I’ve become increasingly interested in finding a […]

Joel Longenecker: Studio Visit
Gorky's Granddaughter

Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy visit the studio of painter Joel Longenecker. Longenecker explains: “… what I really want to create is a slab [of nature] … I remember having a thought … I wanted to be able to go out into nature with a giant carving knife and carve out a chunk of what I […]

Heather Morgan: Interview
The Studio Visit

John Mitchell interviews painter Heather Morgan on the occasion of her exhibition Heavenly Creatures at David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Bushwick, Brooklyn, on view through January 28th, 2018. Morgan comments: “The figures I paint today still tend to be eccentric, fringe of society characters, larger than life… I get excited by raw displays of emotion, the […]

Allison Gildersleeve: Interview
Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood talks to painter Allison Gildersleeve. Gildersleeve talks about getting the process of painting to match the meaning: “I try to make the way I’m making my paintings be an important part of what you take away from them.” She also discusses the function of time in her paintings: “My paintings are a lot about […]

Susannah Phillips: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Susannah Phillips. Phillips comments: “The important thing for me, whatever the source of the colour, be it observed or invented, it should work in the painting as a whole. I might drop the real colour of the object in favour of something I want instead; so, for example, a cloth that […]

Cary Smith: Interview
Sound & Vision Podcast

Brian Alfred talks to painter Cary Smith at Smith’s recent exhibition New Paintings and Drawings at Fredricks & Freiser, New York.

Emily Berger: Interview
Two Coats of Paint

Sharon Butler interviews painter Emily Berger on the occasion of the recent exhibition Emily Berger: Rhythm and Light at Walter Wickiser, New York, and Emily Berger: New Paintings at Norte Maar, Brooklyn (through November 19). Berger comments: “From my earliest complete and semi-presentable paintings I’ve been a grid painter. I like the structure and the […]

Anoka Faruqee and Michelle Grabner
Bomb Magazine

Anoka Faruqee and Michelle Grabner discuss common ground in their work and their experience as art educators. Grabner remarks that “… indexing by way of crude stenciling has always been a way for me to achieve that sweet spot between abstraction and representation—to have something handmade without showing the hand.” Faruqee observers: “I find myself […]

Aubrey Levinthal @ Nancy Margolis Gallery
Gorky's Granddaughter

Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy interview painter Aubrey Levinthal at her exhibition at Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, on view through October 14, 2017. Levinthal remarks: “I like paintings … that when you look at first, it’s inviting, it feels good to look … but then there’s something to hold you into the painting … […]

Catherine Haggarty: Interview
Sound & Vision Podcast

Brian Alfred visits the studio of painter Catherine Haggarty. Haggarty discusses her recent paintings which were informed by a residency in France where  “there were … reoccurring forms and bridges and arches, and the observation that came from that time.” She also remarks: “I’ve been thinking a lot about atmosphere… a haze or a mist which might […]

Judith Linhares: Studio Visit
Gorky's Granddaughter

Christopher Joy and Zachary Keeting visit the studio of painter Judith Linhares. Linhares remarks: “I think of myself as a populist and I love the idea of communicating with a lot of people through images… I am interested in the figures … representing more than a portrait … something that stands for a group.”

Mario Naves: Interview
Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood interviews painter and writer Mario Naves.

Lani Irwin: Embracing the Unknown
Savvy Painter Podcast

Antrese Wood interviews painter Lani Irwin. Irwin makes an interesting connection between painting and dreams: “I like the undercurrents and the overcurrents [of symbolism in painting] … I like to have the objects in the paintings have more that’s there even though I don’t necessarily understand what it is. It’s like a dream … as you start to tell […]

Richard Raiselis: Interview
Painting Perceptions

Larry Groff interviews painter Richard Raiselis. Raiselis comments: ” I often say that I paint what I see. I do my best to paint the differences that I perceive where colors touch, both inside a form, like the change of color on the sunny and shady sides of a house; and outside the form, like […]

Martha Edelheit and Jay Milder: Interview

Ron Morosan interviews painters Martha Edelheit and Jay Milder whose work is included in Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952–1965 at the Grey Art Gallery, New York University, on view through April 1, 2017. Edelheit notes: “The artists I knew and met were concerned with having a space to show their work, which […]