Ice Water Flyswatter

Cary Smith, Splat #25 (green), oil on linen (courtesy of the artist and Tiger St
Cary Smith, Splat #25 (green), oil on linen (courtesy of the artist and Tiger Strikes Asteroid)

Sam Newhouse reviews the exhibition Ice Water Flyswatter at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, curated by Douglas Witmer, on view through September 1, 2013. The show features works by Alain Biltereyst, Cary Smith, Donald Martiny, Douglas Witmer, Mark Wethli, Mary Bucci McCoy, Paige Williams, and Ian White Williams.

Newhouse writes: "While the show’s stated intent is to showcase artists rooted in 'reductivism' who begin works with 'cold-minded conceptual intentions' and take them to living, breathing places of color, fun and joy, it’s hard to put into words what is so pleasing and relaxing about it— the exhibit is like a glass of ice water on a hot August day... From the carefully proportioned compositions of Biltereyst and Williams to Martiny’s expansive, unconstrained brush-stroke-sculpture, this show takes viewers through a spectrum of visual explorations of color and order that will expand anyone’s aesthetic landscape."