Anne Harris @ Cultivator

 (detail) Anne Harris, Figuring Ground, 2014–15 (an ongoing project) oil, acryli
(detail) Anne Harris, Figuring Ground, 2014–15 (an ongoing project) oil, acrylic, collage on 300 lb arches cold press paper, 30 x 22 inches (photo: Philip A. Hartigan)

Philip A. Hartigan reviews Anne Harris: Coddled and Bruised at Cultivator, Chicago, on view through December 13, 2015.

Hartigan writes that "[Harris's] new series mostly consists of roughly-painted torsos, seen from the front. The outline of arms and a body sometimes emerges from the monochromatic ground via thinly painted marks, or is announced loudly with a broad-brushed line. There are faces, but they are depicted in ways that seem to cancel themselves out: a quick, semi-abstract mark, furtive smudges of paint, a collaged face cut out from another painting... Certainly these works present an accomplished artist asking questions about her own practice, questions such as: How can I paint the body in a more immediate way? What sort of mark delineates the content of the body or the edge of the body? At what point can a painting be considered finished?"