Fabian Marcaccio: Interview

Fabian Marcaccio, Paintant Stories, 2000, installed at Casa Daros, Rio de Janeir
Fabian Marcaccio, Paintant Stories, 2000, installed at Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro, 2014, pigmented ink on canvas, silicone, poly-optic resins, oil, wood and metal, 13 x 328 feet (collection of Daros Latin-America, Zurich, Switzerland)

Paul Laster interviews painter Fabian Marcaccio whose exhibition Paintant Stories is on view at Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro through October 8, 2014.

Marcaccio comments that the "idea of an animated, organic constructivism is very important to me — all of my work is highly organic, but it’s also highly preconceived. How can the viewer see an abstraction or abstract-looking painting as a platform to think about mental or physical activities? ...  I still believe in a platform of art that can be universal with particularities. I’m really Borgesian in that way. I still think that art is a problem...  My work is not really abstract, but it’s rooted in abstraction. I was always interested in notions of say, action painting. Is the action in painting the subject or is it the time in painting? The time in painting is the subject. The time in painting, for me, is the big subject of the 21st century. We are in a much more cinematic, computing moment. Life itself, biological alterations of matter, the aging sciences, it’s all about time. That is the whole subject for me, from the beginning of those paintings: how you recirculate the desire in a painting; how you see a drip going back into a flux."