Abelow 101

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Keith J. Varadi writes about the work of Joshua Abelow which was recently on view at James Fuentes, New York.

Varadi writes: "It is an endeavor to engage with the factory-like output that is Joshua Abelow’s work… If one were to step inside his studio, he or she would see stacks of packaged paintings and drawings from floor to ceiling and staggering groups of paintings in progress, each one an extension of the last. Though, the work is not limited to paintings and drawings. It has expanded into writing, photography, blogging, and organizing collaborative exhibitions. Abelow approaches these activities by balancing cryptic criticality and splayed socialism. Abelow doesn’t merely engage with the ‘hip,’ the ‘outsider,’ the ‘academic’ or any other vague faction of the art world, but rather democratizes aesthetics and concepts in a way that continuously keeps viewers slightly off balance."

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