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Abstract Treatment

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Marielle Hehir reviews the exhibition Treatment at PS Mirabel, on view through March 9, 2013. The show features paintings by Laura Jane Blake, Neill Clements, Terry Greene, Mark Kennard, Matthew Macaulay, and Richard Ward.

Hehir writes that "Treatment presents us a selection of current trends in abstract painting, with six contemporary UK based painters. The exhibition has been intelligently curated by Lisa Denyer, selecting artists whose approaches to the exploration of abstraction differ yet form a chorus of voices for our discovery. The press release states 'The title refers to both the physical act of paint application, therapy in the creation of work, and psychologically, making sense of the world from the maker’s point of view.' … The mood of ‘Treatment’ is one of enthusiasm for contemporary abstraction. There are scatterings of references to the journey abstraction has taken so far; the Hodgkin frame in Greene’s painting, Clements’ homage to Carl Andre, comparison to Robert Holyhead’s experimenting with negative space. Clements and Ward abstract the process of painting itself and the exhibition shows us a future for the genre. "

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