Addison Parks: Source Paintings

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Martin Mugar blogs about the work of painter Addison Parks, on the occasion of Parks' exhibition Source Paintings at Prince Street Gallery, New York, on view through July 27, 2014.

Mugar writes: "What intrigues me about your work is the evocation of the passage of time. Every painting seems to be a resolution of sorts of some conflict or tension that predates the painting and creates the stage for it. It comes together in the moment. Like a winning shot in a basketball game. It has this provisional quality to it e.g. you have tied the series but still have to win it. But that moment of the shot, a three pointer, is what the painting is about. And for the time being there is a sense of relief (resolution). Hidden underneath is what leads up to that moment. What is between the lines is the past and the thick rich gesture of the lines is that shot that won the game."

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