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Alan Ebnother: Interview

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George Lawson interviews painter Alan Ebnother on the occasion of Ebnother's exhibition twelve paintings at George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, on view through February 20, 2016.

Ebnother comments: "With my love of a paint structure thicker and heavier then history provided me, I was forced to study and learn how to create a thick paint that would not crack and self-destruct over time. The affirmation that I needed was found in Rembrandt’s impasto whites, and Van Gogh's rhythms. Seeking painting that included one step more than a flat, colored plane, I really have spent the last 30 years attempting to merge structure, rhythm, surface, and color into paint that offered not an explanation, but a small world in itself, a world that hangs on a wall and waits for a viewer to spend the time pondering it."

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