Alan Uglow & Ted Stamm

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Saul Ostrow reviews recent exhibitions of "two 'minimalist' painters, who lie outside the canon": Alan Uglow at David Zwirner and Ted Stamm at Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York.

Ostrow notes: "Though under-acknowledged, Uglow and Stamm might best be considered artists whose primary audience are other artists and art world aficionados. Both had noted careers; exhibiting extensively in Europe as well as the States, yet neither were big names. Why their stature in the community of artists does not translate into economic and institutional success is too complex a question to go into here; suffice to say that in the critical environment of the 70s their work just could not be understood, yet interest in it persisted as representing a minority report on what best typifies abstract painting’s alternatives in the period of its supposed demise."

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