Alex Kanevsky at Dolby Chadwick

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David M. Roth reviews Alex Kanevsky: Unstable Equilibrium at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, on view through 31, 2015.

Roth writes that "[Kanevsky] is above all else a sensualist and a formalist. He paints to describe the eternal tug-o-war between the tangible and the ineffable, and, more specifically, to chart how bodies behave at different points on that continuum." Roth adds that in Kanevsky's paintings "past and present are easily entangled, and that is all to the good because it renders fresh important parts of history that are fast being paved over in the rush to digital oblivion. His strongest works appear draped in a multi-layered mist, as if plucked from a dream where some parts appear real enough to touch, while others remain disconcertingly out of reach."

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