Amy Wilson: Interview

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Joy Garnett interviews Amy Wilson about her work on the occasion of the exhibition Amy Wilson: We Dream of Starfish and Geodesic Domes on view at BravinLee Programs, New York through March 24, 2012.

Wilson remarks "As far as what kind of art inspires me – I've always been really drawn to Conceptual art and to art about ideas in general. But I'm a sucker for color, for materials, and for making things by hand. I'm messy, and I like that about myself. But mostly I like art that is challenging and even confusing to the viewer either by putting forward some difficult-to-understand idea or being aggressively ugly or emotionally wrenching, or something that really demands of the audience some attention and effort. I like to work hard, and I like art that demands of me that I invest some of myself in it."

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