Angela de la Cruz & Simon Callery

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Interviews with Angela de la Cruz and Simon Callery, two artists featured in the exhibition Enantiodromia at FOLD Gallery, London, on view through May 10, 2014.

De la Cruz: "I am continuing the tradition of painting… I believe that if you want to continue the language of painting, you have to use very good technical understanding and you have to know what you are talking about in terms of the history of painting. If you know that, then you can choose to reject it or break it… I am an abstract artist but only aesthetically."

Callery: "What distinguishes my paintings from sculpture is that a painter has made them. No sculptor could make my paintings… my paintings share qualities with sculpture and I embrace it. I am much more interested in collaboration, in sharing ideas and revealing shared common ground and ambitions with other art forms and disciplines. To be able to move around a painting and to navigate and explore it as lived experience, in common with three-dimensional objects like sculpture, is an example of this."

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