Angela Dufresne: Interview

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Jacquelyn Gleisner interviews painter Angela Dufresne about her work.

Dufresne remarks: "I am trying to connect with images in reverence, however bastardized that reverence may be. It’s quite perverse, usually. How I interpret this dialog with history is to not make it falsely dry or sweet and not pretend that perception and the given narrative have much in common because they don’t. We see similarity in moments. We recognize ourselves or our experience in a flash or a film still, a painting or a piece of clay for that matter, connections, resonate narratives, and for me, there are instances when I can jump into those narratives and represent the thread–however disparate, however much based on projection–and that this is an honest portrayal of my connection to history and the history of cultural production. My works attempt to engage in the stuff of the world, in dialog with media, cultural production, and history, as performance, and then project it back onto the canvas, completing the cycle as it were."

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