Angular Seduction

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Kris Chatterson photo blogs installation photos from the exhibition Angular Seduction curated by Vincent Como at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Brooklyn through February 17, 2013.

The show features work by Maya Hayuk, Jason Karolak, Anna Kunz, Karl LaRocca, Melissa Oresky, and Kirk Stoller, artists who "Painters who are each navigating space through color, shape and line, at times even breaking free of the planar reality of pictorial space to enter the Z-axis, or rather, the world of three dimensions with the rest of us. The differences in these collected works come out of the handling of materials, whether clean and exacting with pure color, a sharp demarcation of elements, or transparent and loose with areas of paint bleeding over/into others. While owing a debt to Color Theory as well as the Hard Edge painters and Minimal artists each of the works on display in Angular Seduction simultaneously bastardize and push the boundaries of those very traditions in an attempt to bring the work to another level of existence and thus lure the unsuspecting viewer closer through their wanton displays of geometric persuasion."

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