Anne Smart: Studio Visit

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Painter Anne Smart discusses her work during a group studio visit with Anthony Smart, Mark Skilton, Hilde Skilton, Robin Greenwood, Sarah Greenwood, John Bunker, Emyr Williams, Simon Orman, Kim Earley, Joette Hayashigaw, Alexandra Harley, and John Pluthero.

Discussing her painting process, Smart comments: "there is lots of movement of paint and building of the organisation; and the depths are different. I’m not attempting to get an all-over translucency or veiling, I’m trying to get a constant moving of those areas of looseness and density, surface and recession; opposites, so the blues you might think are going backwards are coming forwards. So there is a constant moving of all the colours and surface and textures and shapes, but as a whole thing. It’s like a hundred thousand things you are trying to achieve to get to that point, and most of them are answering those questions, but in the end you arrive at one answer."

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