At the Point of Gesture

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Andy Parkinson reviews the exhibition At the Point of Gesture at the Lion and Lamb Gallery, on view through March 23, 2013. The exhibition features the work of five painters, Clem Crosby, Gabriel Hartley, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, David Ryan, and Alaena Turner, "each," Parkinson writes "in their different ways exploring the potential of gesture, materiality and improvisation."

Musing on the various implied meanings suggested by the exhibition title, he continues, noting that "a point could almost be the opposite of a gesture, I’m thinking of pointillism where all those dots of colour negate the action of the sweeping brush stroke, yet once the dots are aggregated gestures of a sort do start to emerge. In physiological communication, to point is to gesture, and now I have in mind Grunwald’s amazing Isenhheim altarpiece where John the Baptist points at the crucified Jesus. Here the gesture refers to another, and I wonder if that might also be the case with gesture in abstract (non referential) painting, the minimum reference being to the act of painting itself…"

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