Barbara Takenaga: Studio Visit

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Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy visit the studio of painter Barbara Takenaga.

In 2012, Carol Diehl wrote: "Takenaga’s work has been described as psychedelic, but that implies a loss of control, where these paintings are the result of acute attention. While they no doubt owe much to the precedents of Op art and Pattern and Decoration, Takenaga’s repetitive forms, like Ross Bleckner’s, inspire more mystical interpretation… Takenaga’s paintings portray matter and energies beyond what we know, beyond the everyday world. Whether we look inward with a microscope or outward with a telescope, systems are at work that we can barely comprehend, and of which we are a very small part. Her depictions of these systems can be seen as cold and threatening or exuberantly optimistic."

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