Barry Nemett on Antonio López García

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Barry Nemett considers Antonio López García's painting Antonio López García, Sink and Mirror (1967).

Nemett writes: "…the selective nature of [López García's] objectivity imbues even his vulgarity with an otherworldly elegance, mystery, and nuance. López elevates to sublime status down-to-earth stuff like dirt, leftover food, skinned rabbits, and soaking laundry. The unposed, just-left-that-way feel of Sink with Mirror and Shelf is as bathed in grace as it is grounded in the commonplace. My art schooling placed form way above content, so the poetry of López’s restrained palette—just look at all those variations of white—and the delicate power of his closely observed subject matter stopped me in my tracks… the longer I live with López’s weighty image, the more I lighten up about it. It took me many years to get from this artist’s form to his content, but now I see that move as a necessary step toward understanding the exceptional lives his familiar objects live. It’s about time."

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