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Berger, Seidl, Wethli: Planes of Awareness

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Steven Alexander reviews an exhibition of paintings by Emily Berger and Claire Seidl and Mark Wethli (in the Project Room) at The Painting Center, New York, on view through April 19, 2014.

Alexander writes: "It would be hard to imagine three artists who are more simpatico and yet distinct… The intimacy of the Painting Center space is perfectly suited to the modest scale and subtle materiality of the works in this show. The three artists are unified by their discerning approaches to materials, and by the understated nature and expansive implications of their respective programs. Each in her/his own way creates what Agnes Martin referred to as a 'plane of awareness' — an undifferentiated space in which the formal and material elements of the work coalesce, inviting us to a heightened attention to our own place in the world."

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