Bernard Frize: Winter Diary

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Terry R. Myers reviews the exhibition Bernard Frize: Winter Diary at Pace Gallery, New York, on view through March 9, 2013.

Myers begins: "Somehow the sum of 100 percent offhandedness and 100 percent calculation, Bernard Frize’s paintings continue to defy even their own expectations, provocatively dividing them from the work of his peers without coming off as anything but inclusive. Strictly self-contained yet saturated by a plasticity that has attitude, Frize’s process has always been anchored by his requirement that 'the procedures of my paintings don’t go beyond what one uses in everyday life.' And while the title of this exhibition, Winter Diary, suggests the display of a certain level of intimacy, it was clear on arrival that the paintings extend the range of Frize’s mesmerizing routines while not becoming anything close to familiar, not to mention knowable."

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