Biala: Vision & Memory

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Xico Greenwald blogs about the exhibition Biala: Vision & Memory at Godwin-Ternbach Museum, Queens College, on view through October 26, 2013. Biala's work is also on view at Tibor de Nagy Gallery through October 27, 2013.

Greenwald writes: "Neither during her long life nor in the years since her death has Biala’s contribution to art history received the attention it deserves. Museum Director Amy H. Winter says 'the politics of gender and style' and the fact that Biala 'never fully embraced the mythic freedom and daring associated with abstract expressionism' left the painter 'marginalized.' Making 'intimate' artworks while living in Paris 'rendered her ‘other.’' For Ms. Winter this overdue exhibition 'serves as a tribute to artists who, like Biala, persist in remaining faithful to their personal vision.'"

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