Brad Eberhard: History, Process & Metaphor

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Geoff Tuck blogs about the work of Brad Eberhard on view in the exhibition Brad Eberhard (dis-solve) at Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles, through Apr 20, 2013.

Tuck writes that "looking at these new paintings, Paul Klee comes to my mind and also Gustav Klimt. Each artist employs a somewhat lapidary way of painting, with carefully defined patches of color that, in the aggregate, make pictures. Klee also comes to mind because Eberhard seems to be developing language, or a glossary, with the evidence of process that he reveals. Much in the way the Swiss artist, whose work was rooted in Surrealist fusion of psychology and myth, used personal hieroglyphs to convey larger meanings through interpretation and association, I think the scratches and erasures – in addition to the colors and narratives – in Eberhard’s paintings point to the mechanics, the processes and the history of painting as metaphors for life."

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