Brenda Goodman: Five Decades

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Sarah Rose Sharp reviews Brenda Goodman: Selected Works 1961–2015 continues at CCS Center Galleries, Detroit, and Brenda Goodman: A Life on Paper at Paul Kotula Projects (both on view through Dec 19).

Rose Sharp writes that Goodman's oeuvre "is a little bit difficult to sum up, perhaps, because over the course of this long and productive career, her creative output has vacillated between painting and drawing (with forays into three-dimensional constructions); smooth surfaces and chaotic buildup on canvas; and intimate small-scale works and jaw-dropping large paintings that grab your eye from across the room. But all these works come from a place of deep personal perspective and wildly messy emotion, and, as a newcomer to Goodman’s works, this strikes me as relevant to a contemporary conversation about women artists and female identity writ large."

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