Cable Griffith: Interview

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Erin Langner interviews painter Cable Griffith about his work on the occasion of the exhibition Quest at G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, on view through March 1, 2014.

Griffith comments: "I was really starting to experiment with the ways different modes of video game techniques and systems of landscape representation parallel Modernist painting. For instance, when you see Josef Albers’s paintings and early Atari games side by side, they look almost identical. And, there were other interesting parallels… When I was working on the paintings in Quest, there was no intention to have a focused theme. I really just wanted to experiment again and to not have to feel like I was adhering to something. So, I was working with different approaches—pattern work, canvas hangings, maps. I was also thinking about glitch images, in terms of finding a landscape feeling from a glitched image and using that as a starting point to improvise. These paintings that were seemingly unrelated started stacking up, and I began seeing them all within the frame of the quest, of the pursuit of something; I realized they were bound by a desire to find out. And, that became this metaphor for painting—and for being an artist."

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