Carl Ostendarp: Studio Visit

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Maria Calandra visits the studio of painter Carl Ostendarp.

Calandra writes that Ostendarp's "perfectly thought-out nuances of color and highly meditated canvas configurations address the history of minimalism and also [his] own involvement in color field painting while mixing in a heavy dose of humor, timing, and optical irony… Currently, Ostendarp makes life's banalities and the banal's onomatopoeias the subject of his work. Brghhhh, Aaargh, Pfppp. We've all released these heavy sighs at some point or another. Brilliantly pairing a vast array of exasperations with an utterly obsessive attention to detail when it comes to his choice of color, proportion and composition, it seems to me that Ostendarp is composing the perfect viewing experience while making a comment on possible frustrations with the human intellect and the limitations of language. It is a satisfyingly sarcastic gesture he is making as he hides the paintings' complexity in its simplicity."

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