Carolanna Parlato: In Conversation

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Rachel Youens talks to painter Carolanna Parlato about the evolution of her painting process and her new paintings which were recently on view in the exhibition Behind the Sun at Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York.

In her earlier work, Parlato notes: "I would let a painting evolve over a day; I would tilt the canvas and let gravity direct the paint, then pour in more colors and push it off the edge by rotating the canvas. By using different viscosities of pigment in the subsequent pours, forms emerged and the composition evolved." In her recent paintings, she remarks that "creating a dialogue between the brushed areas and the poured parts was the challenge. My process is now less apparent and much more complex. Painting became my means of discovery… There is something satisfying about making a mark with your own hand. I am not sure if I rejected it, it didn’t make sense for me until now."

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