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Cary Smith & Don Voisine

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Joan Waltemath reviews paintings by Cary Smith and Don Voisine at Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, on view through December 20, 2014.

Waltemath writes that the show "is heavy on black and white, with notes of color punctuating in concert and alone. Both Smith and Voisine are working out of a tradition of geometric abstraction that is again enjoying a moment in the spotlight. For seasoned viewers, the cyclical nature of what we are given to look at in any particular time is familiar. Yet the meanderings of geometric thought that have been with us since the beginning, from the earliest remains of potsherds in the anthropology museum to the present day, go much deeper. From notations incised in clay to the genre of the hard-edge, there are consistencies in the problematics of fixity and fluidity. This historical context sheds light on the importance of both Voisine and Smith’s desire to keep things in motion. While the hard-edge appears to be fixed, the organization of elements in both their work sets things in motion. Hung with an eye to these relationships, their works reach across the room to extend the conversation."

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