Catherine Kehoe: Radical Attention

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Anna Dunbar reviews the recent exhibition Catherine Kehoe: Radical Attention at Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston.

Dunbar writes: "In preparation for my visit I went onto [the gallery] website to get an idea of the work I would be analyzing. Online I saw large, thick brush strokes and bright, bold colors. Naturally (and maybe this is just me), I expected to walk into the gallery and be presented with incredibly large canvases covered with chunky colors and geometric shadowing. Instead, I stepped into the Howard Yezerski Gallery and came face to face with some of the tiniest canvases I had ever seen. It was breathtaking … There is something oxymoronic about Kehoe’s paintings. You see these large, thick strokes and yet each painting has so much life and detail. From far away it appears that you only see a few bright colors but up close you find that there are many shades both bold and neutral. Between the level of detail and the small size of the canvas you feel that you have to walk up to the paintings."

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