Cecilia Vissers: Interview

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Brent Hallard interview with artist Cecilia Vissers, posted here on the occasion of the upcoming exhibition Cecilia Vissers: Wind Swept at Galerie Kunstkabinett Corona Unger, Bremen, Germany, on view from March 16 – April 28, 2013.

Vissers, whose recent relief works engage both sculpture and painting, describes how she uses "chemicals to intensify the colors and patterns sometimes using gunblue to retouch or cover up the scratches on the surface of the metal." She continues: "…the color is in the material and not on the material like paint. Up till now I only use the color orange because of its overpowering quality, it is a very direct color that immediately increases energy levels. Whereas the black can be so deep and absorbing like a sponge. There is this searching for balance and equilibrium between the form, the color and the finish of the material. The preference is for purity, and simplicity: the tension arising between the form, color and the finish of the material. It needs to be perfect."

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