Charles Ritchie: Interview

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Larry Groff interviews artist Charles Ritchie.

Ritchie remarks: "A good way to introduce the subject of Giorgio Morandi’s work is to say he painted bottles. But, of course, his work really is about many things simultaneously. As far as my work goes, yes, light in the suburban home is a good way of introducing my project, but for me there are so many other things that are growing and shifting in the work. My perceptions about my subjects continually change, abstract arrangement of forms make new connections, techniques emerge that can take me new places, I develop new tonal and color arrangements that lead me to even greater challenges. That’s where the excitement comes for me. Painting in the same room and observing from the same window after all this time, I feel I’m looking deeper than ever, building on more and more experience. My friend, author Peter Turchi, has called what I’m doing a 'private astronomy.' Indeed, my room is an observatory and I’m simultaneously scoping inwards towards myself and out my window towards the edge of the universe. The cataloguing and study of my world remains far too interesting for me to step away."

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