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Chris Martin @ Anton Kern

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James Kalm visits an exhibition of recent work by Chris Martin at Anton Kern Gallery, New York, on view through November 15, 2014.

Kalm notes that the show "presents recent works, many completed over the summer. Color is pitched to an almost harsh level, and various materials, like tin foil and glitter, are employed to challenge the viewer's accepted notions of 'good taste' and beauty."

From the press release: "Despite their immediate spectacle and immense scale … the paintings exude a human grounded-ness that seems to stem directly from Martin’s connection to nature, rock & roll, street art, and a dedication to material experimentation… Chris Martin’s paintings prove to be masterfully ambidextrous; one is able to fully experience their presence from a great distance or up-close, indoors or outdoors, in a state of spiritual transcendence or casual play."

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