Claire Seidl & Kim Uchiyama / Tom Goldenberg

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James Panero reviews Claire Seidl and Kim Uchiyama: Plain Sight, Selected Paintings, Prints and Photographs at Fox Gallery (through January 31), Tom Goldenberg: Landscapes at The Graduate Center, The City University of New York (through January 18), and paintings by Tom Goldenberg at George Billis Gallery, New York (through January 24).

Panero writes: "Both [Seidl and Uchiyama] create an enigmatic sense of color, layer, and light—Uchiyama through horizontal bands; Seidl in a scumble of scrapes and lines. As natural light fills much of this classical living space, their work breathes and converses like exotic figures lounging in the living room or sitting with you at the dining room table. The Swing of Things, an aqueous square canvas by Seidl at the end of the entry hallway, invites a deep dive in. A set of matching watercolors by Uchiyama finds her horizontal bands bending and resting against one another and connecting through the panels in the series. "

Panero continues: "Concentrating on the rural hills, fields, streams, and vegetation of upstate New York, [Tom] Goldenberg employs a wide range of perspective, materials, and techniques—charcoal, walnut ink, pastels—that clearly draws on those classical collections. Yet with a background in abstraction, Goldenberg seems to remain just as interested in his mark-making as what he’s made."

Panero also writes about works from the Grand Central Atelier on view at Eleventh Street Arts Gallery, Long Island City.

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