Claire Tabouret @ Night Gallery

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Jason Ramos reviews Claire Tabouret: Eclipse at Night Gallery, Los Angeles, on view through March 4, 2017.

Ramos writes: “Half-way between the vibrant exuberance of Rebecca Campbell’s images and Luc Tuyman’s clinical stroke-by-stroke reproductions lay the gliding, neutral toned figures of LA based French painter Claire Tabouret… The figures in the larger works and monoprints are characters from history, of various levels of obscurity and notoriety, and knowing a little bit of their stories imbue each scene with a poetic fascination. With this info, the turned backs, snowy scenes and desert wanderings dovetail into themes of isolation, obscurity, and operating with one’s “back to the world”, to paraphrase Agnes Martin, one of Tabouret’s up front subjects and inspirations… Functioning in all of the canvases is a disarming, restrained and informed use of neutral hues that serve to contextualize the images as having a life before they were references, and imparting a slower, more contemplative read.”

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