Clare Grill: Interview

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Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein interviews painter Clare Grill.

Grill comments: "What I do as a painter is to paint a lot. It's part of what we all do as artists, doing a lot of work over and over again. In a way being an artist is growing your gut muscle and that tells you when you have made art. It’s finding your voice. You have some control over it, but it's also a result of working. It's not about deciding to change, it's about getting really involved with your material–whatever that is– and finding what you can make out of the material. Also it’s about figuring out what kind of touch you have. There are paintings that will change color, because the color is not my color. I'm not excited or surprised by it. Or it might not feel like I made the painting. I will wipe out a whole painting if that's the case. Because my gut says it's wrong."

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