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Claudia Carr: Interview

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Susie Pentelow interviews painter Claudia Carr about her work. Carr's exhibition The butterfly counts not months but moments will be on view at Jessica Carlisle, London from September 16 – 21, 2014.

Carr comments: "I find those three lumbering genre terms… ‘portrait’, ‘still life’ and ‘landscape’ interesting but also enjoy watching images slip fluidly and disrespectfully between them. A lot of my work plays with ambiguity, and our perception of scale, so I’m naturally interested in the slippage between 'landscape' and 'still life', but even within the word 'portrait' there isn’t much certainty. The way Rembrandt’s knobbly nose erupts from the front of his face seems to me as ‘landscapey’ as any of Cezanne’s rocky outcrops."

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