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Clayton Colvin: Quiet Assertions

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Brett Levine reviews Clayton Colvin: new way to forget at Beta Pictoris Gallery, Birmingham, AL, on view through March 27, 2015.

Levine writes: "With this show, Colvin has almost, though not entirely, abandoned his earlier, more complex hard-edged radical geometries in favor of a saturated and fluid field. Glanton and The Land, in particular, are marked by patches of color that look as if they have literally pooled and spread on the linen surfaces of the canvases. Perhaps a reference to the characters in Cormac McCarthy’s novel Blood Meridian, the red edges of Glanton look as if blood has dripped from above. As with many of the other works in the exhibition, Glanton makes a literary reference that may or may not resonate with the viewer, something Colvin is unapologetic for. The experience of his works does not hinge on a higher understanding of his references, although this knowledge adds an additional layer—a respite filled with both humor and darkness —that separates the visual from both the cerebral and the emotional… 'New way to forget' is a quiet exhibition. There are no loud colors or bold statements. Instead, it asserts itself through references to multiple histories, including those of art and literature, and of the present, whether shared or individual. It represents a strong commitment to the practice of painting as much as to its meaning."

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