Clive Hodgson: Interview

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Sherman Sam interviews painter Clive Hodgson about his work which is on view at White Columns, New York through April 19, 2014.

Hodgson relates his current work with an interest in decorative painting: "The decorative thing I saw as being painting, existing in a real and vivid form precisely because it is outside of traditional painting – that is formal painting, easel painting, paintings confined by a stretcher and canvas. So there would be decorative painting on walls, like marbling or patterns, and on furniture…. All of that attracted me, and it had to do with the painting spreading outside of a confine. And that represented something that appealed to me – something rambling and not centred…  I was looking for where the painting seemed real to me in the way that decorative painting seemed real. Something begins to happen because there aren’t any points of reference for meanings."

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