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Connie Goldman: Interview

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Phillip J. Mellen interviews painter Connie Goldman about her work and process.

Goldman speaks about the emotional content of reductive abstraction. Asked about her recent Doublet series, Goldman remarks that although they are reductive and abstract, the Doublet paintings refer to personal loss and embody both the feeling of crumpling inward and the will to resist this urge at the same time. She comments: "For many years I've worked with the square… it's really a symbol for stability. So, when I use the square, when I break the square up, it means the equilibrium is upset and most of my work is really concerned with that… the tension between stasis and flux. And this body of work was no different, but it was very specific in that I made each panel look as if it was folding… and yet being a panel it's not really folding – it's just an illusion.

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