Cora Cohen: Divine Madness

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William Eckhardt Kohler reviews the exhibition Cora Cohen: The Responsibility of Forms at Guided By Invoices, New York, on view through March 16th, 2013.

Kohler writes: "The resonant quiet of [Cohen's] work allows the viewer to contemplate and appreciate the various moves and counter moves that the artist chooses. First, she usually chooses to stretch her paintings on shallow frames that reduce their presence as an object on the wall. Second, in many of the paintings she builds a dense, and very physical textured ground reasserting their material presence. Third, over this she may brush washes of pigment and graphite dispersed in water, so thin and diffuse that they barely register any physical paint depth, if at all. Out of this non-presence an illusory and allusive pictorial depth emerges. That is not to say that the artist is purposefully painting an image, because she is most emphatically not; yet, with the barest means a world not quite of this world is suggested."

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