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Cora Cohen: Formative Formlessness

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Samuel Jablon interviews painter Cora Cohen about her work.

Cohen comments that her "curtain and drawing paintings… begin with the act of seeing, when things are first glimpsed, before logic and rationality take over. The uncertainties I experience in seeing filter into them. They are informed by my unsureness of what I have seen and what I am painting… Logic doesn’t get in the way exactly. I try not to let it. When we look at something, we tend almost automatically to organize our impressions into rational, acceptable forms – according to pre-existing models. I attempt to work from my experience of first sight, when things are first glimpsed and are rather disjointed. The results are often as disparate and disjointed as my first impressions… My curtain and drawing paintings are my attempts to allow perceiving and making become the work. Questioning is a topic within the painting."

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