Cordy Ryman: Interview

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Arthur Peña interviews artist Cordy Ryman on the occasion of the exhibition Cordy Ryman: Adaptive Radiation at Dodge Gallery, New York, on view through May 12, 2013.

Ryman comments: " I can say that I’m aware that I’m working with a certain visual language which is shared and not mine exclusively. As I’ve used this language over the last 20 years or so I’ve been amazed that this language has a sort of innate flexibility and infinite scope. It can fit any mood, time, and place and always find its own honest cords without being overly contrived. Over time my own personal vocabulary within that language continues to expand. I’ve gotten technically better at some things, probably. My comfort zone shifts from time to time and I get seduced periodically by certain solutions which is always a danger if I stay too long. But as I continue, more and more solutions come up leaving me with a deeper bag of tricks so to speak. Some moves are like old friends and will ALWAYS look and feel right to me. Other moves are like exciting new acquaintances which I want to see again but don’t know exactly what I think of yet."

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